“I will be faithful to my calling as a teacher and to my conscience.”

2020 to 2021: The response to the ‘coronavirus pandemic’ in Great Britain is destroying the lives of generations of children. Lockdowns, school closures, mandatory masks, unnecessary testing and social distancing have severely impacted the mental and physical health of students across the country – the effects of which will reverberate for decades to come. Educators and school staff have been forced to comply with and enforce restrictions and unnecessary medical procedures, and are being coerced and bullied into receiving experimental injections. Like many doctors and nurses, teachers and other staff members are finding themselves alone in their educational institutions, unable to speak out for fear of being ridiculed, isolated or terminated, and are often bullied into submission. Parents feel they have no say in what happens to their children’s bodies. University students are imprisoned in their halls, denied the experience of lecture halls and seminar rooms, and losing out on important socialisation. Small children are suffering a destruction of their crucial early development because of face coverings, fear and isolation.

All of this is proven unnecessary and destructive. By the WHO’s own admission, the dangers to children’s health by SARS-COV-2 is negligible to non-existent. The dangers to children’s health and development due to past and continuing enforcement of COVID restrictions and medical procedures are apparent and monumental.

The failure of state and private schools to safeguard pupils from this abuse, and their compliance in submitting them to dangerous propaganda must be acknowledged. Home-educating must be supported and encouraged where being enrolled in an educational institution is a clear danger.

TAA is a site on which news, resources, information, articles, groups and testimonies are gathered and presented for use in helping educators and parents resist these dangers - the authoritarian control, maleducation and child abuse we are seeing happening in British schools.

Images: Anti-lockdown/Freedom rallies 2020-2021, London

What is TAA for?

TAA is a resource bank for those who are involved in the education and/or care of children, including parents and professional educators. Resources are collected that are useful to school/university staff, parents/guardians and students themselves.

News and articles focus on the harms being done to children & students, and difficulties faced by parents and teachers, across both the UK and the world.

Anonymous testimonies by school staff, parents and students are presented for consideration. 

Private tutors and home educators are called upon to provide resources and contacts, and those who are interested are encouraged to explore the support in place for home-educators.

There is also a private Telegram community for teachers and educators (and parents/guardians) to share news and resources or build a supportive network.  

What are the concerns?

Taken: 29th May 2021, London Freedom Rally

Experimental injections (‘COVID vaccines’) should not be given to children, and no medical procedures should be performed on children without informed consent of parents.

The COVID injections are experimental mRNA gene therapy, and the human trials do not end until 2023. Children are not at risk of death from SARS-COV-2 and have no need of this treatment. Children, the majority of whom are unable to give their informed consent, should not be used as lab rats for new technology.


The injections are not proven to prevent transmission or infection, so there is no proven benefit to society by injecting children. If the injections did stop transmission, the idea that the young should be put at risk of death or severe injury by the injection in order to save the old is fundamentally anti-nature.


Trials on children have already begun. Rollouts of the injection to children have commenced in multiple countries. The rollout of the injection to students in UK schools is planned for September.

If abhorrent and/or criminal practices are being performed in schools and educational instructions, such as encouragement of fear, anxiety or self-hatred in students, this must be brought to light.

Social distancing, mask wearing and testing of students in educational institutions is unnecessary, torturous, and potentially dangerous. Such mandates may cause long-lasting psychological and physical harm.

Regardless, medical freedom must be maintained: the decision to not wear a mask or to decline a medical procedure should be respected. Teachers and children should be able to work and study without discrimination, and parents' wishes should be adhered to. A medical apartheid between the 'vaxxed' and 'unvaxxed' must be resisted.

Parents can equip themselves to protect their children, especially those with vulnerable physical or mental health, from being forced to comply with restrictions and procedures which cause them harm or puts them at risk. Teachers should be equipped to resist coercion and pressure by colleagues or employers to comply with unwanted testing, masks and injections.

Educational institutions are bullying and coercing school staff and trainees to accept and abide by mask mandates, testing and injections, and demonising 'non-complaints' as dangerous. These actions are illegal and these experiences should be shared.

No teacher should be forced to wear a mask or be injected through threat of losing their position. No teacher should be made to feel ostracised or shamed for being mask-exempt or declining the test or injection. No one should be required to take an experimental injection in order to train as a teacher.

Generations of children are being submitted to clear physical and mental abuse by schools, despite UK schools' apparent commitment to 'safeguarding'. If schools continue to enforce unnecessary restrictions and encourage their students to submit to medical experimentation, we must question our belief that schools are properly 'safeguarding' pupils.

Where schools have failed to properly protect and educate their children, parents may be faced with no choice but to withdraw their children from schools and educate them at home. There is support available to those that have chosen to home-school.

The maleducation and indoctrination of children in UK schools is of grave concern, and as of recent times especially, faith in the entire state education system is also called into question.

People must educate themselves about valid, informed consent. This will aid people in resisting force and coercion to be tested or injected, and take legal action against practitioners who are failing to obtain valid, legal consent from their patients. 

This includes educating parents of their rights with regards to their children in general.

Lockdowns are ineffective and destructive. Closing schools or isolating a 'PCR positive' student at home causes stress, psychological harm and financial harm. No business or institution should be forced to close, including youth clubs and day-care centres.

Teachers are finding themselves alone in their schools, unable to find support or common thought amongst their colleagues - they are scared to speak out. Parents are losing control over decision making when it comes to their own children, alone and struggling in dealing with coercion and shaming from school staff and medical professionals.

Connect, support each other, and unite against the political and medical tyranny being forced upon us and our children.

In 1942, Norway was under Nazi occupation.

Teachers were ordered to deliver Nazi propaganda in new curriculums.

A resistance movement began when about 8,000 teachers refused – signing and delivering a protest letter to the Department of Education, which included the line: “I will be faithful to my calling as a teacher and to my conscience.” The movement gained traction and support from more teachers and parents. Thousands of teachers were arrested and sent to concentration camps.

Yet, in the end, the teachers were victorious. The Nazi curriculum was never taught in Norwegian schools.

To quote Kjell Arne Norum, the son of a teacher who was imprisoned:

“We can never take the good values of democracy and freedom as granted.  We must take care of it. Every generation again and again.”