Many UK schools have been maleducating and indoctrinating our children for years. Under the COVID regime, the situation is more dire: children have been submitted to multiple abuses, including mask mandates, unnecessary and harmful testing, forced social distancing, and – soon – coercion to take part in a dangerous and unnecessary experimental gene therapy trial.

Your school may be putting your child in serious danger, and their lifelong physical and mental health is at stake.

If you believe that your child’s school is failing to safeguard your child, or the school has taken actions which have or could directly harm your child, we encourage removing your children from school and educating them at home.  Even if you are a parent who has never considered home-schooling before, or you do not believe you are capable of educating your child at home, withdrawing your child may be a necessary choice. 

TAA aims to support those that make this choice.

Remember – as a parent or guardian, you are and will remain the primary educators of your children.

This page will collect groups, resources, contacts and information for those who homeschool or  wish to homeschool.


Letter: Deregistering a child from school

A simple letter template for deregistering your child from school (click to view and download).

Letter: Requesting personal information records from the school

A letter template requesting personal information records from the school and the subsequent deletion of those records, after having withdrawn the child from school.

Letter: For the local council

A letter template assuring the council that your child is receiving suitable a home-education, and that the council should not contact you with requests for information about this.

Home-schooling Communities & Education Centres

National Community Schools

A project with a mission to " localise educators, skilled people, administrators, parents and organisers who... see through the corruption and obvious degradation of educational priorities and quality." They aim to create "community-led schooling systems solely under common law" and build "functioning education centres dotted around the country". A start up - visit the site to express your interest.

Hope Sussex

A network of private tutors building a venue where home-educators can connect and work with them. The focus is on providing a well-rounded education for home-schooled children, which includes peer-mentoring, access to nature and outdoor learning and workshops. "A safe, natural and community-based environment".

Social Groups & Networks

PopArt Home Education

Private Facebook group for new home educators. Only taking people serious about the decision to electively home educate long term, not short-term "pandemic-based" decisions with the intent to return children to school. Running for six years; children age 4+; UK.

Learning Begins In Wonder

A group that provides free and subsidised events, resources and support for home educating families in and around Hertfordshire.

AWE Home Education

AWE (All Ways Educating) Home Education Club - private Facebook group for current home educators. Home Education Club for the past 17 years. Events and activities for Home Educating Families. Based in Essex.


Oxford Open Learning

Distance GSCE & A Level exam courses.

Oak National Academy

Over 10,000 free video lessons, resources and activities.

Words for Life

"Words for Life is created by the National Literacy Trust, funded by Kindred, the Department for Education, and supported by UK publishers. It provides parents, children and young people with activities and support to improve their language, literacy and communication skills from home"