10.06.21 – UsforThem email about open letters

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 “Open Letter calling on PM Boris Johnson not to commence a mass roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine to children.

Last week the MHRA approved the Pfizer vaccination for use in 12 – 15 year olds.  In the coming days politicians will decide whether to roll out the mass vaccination programme to this age group.  (Individual children at very high risk can already receive vaccination on compassionate grounds).  Press have reported that, in a break from custom, the JCVI are likely to offer a menu of options to the PM rather than making an express recommendation.

As of today close to ten thousands people have signed our open letter, including prominent scientists, celebrities, teachers, lawyers, grandparents and of course parents.

We must grow that number and make our voices heard.

What you can do:

📢 SHARE SHARE SHARE this letter with friends, colleagues and fellow parents and on social and into groups and networks where you think there are supportive, concerned parents who will themselves sign and share. Please ask them to share, too.

📢 SEND US soundbites so we can feature your concerns on social media. To do that, please fill out this form telling us – in a thoughtful line or two – why you do not support the mass roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccination to children.

📢 SEND OUR Open Letter to your MP and to Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson. Email addresses as follows:

📢 MAKE NOISE on social media! Suggested hashtags are #NOTFORTHEM and #SafertoWait. Please tag in Boris Johnson – @BorisJohnson

📢 If you are on Twitter follow @UsforThemUK and retweet our tweets over the coming weeks

📢 If you are on Facebook join our Facebook group@UsforThemEngland


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