Bavarian Teachers: We Are Not Medical Staff

Bavarian teachers have reportedly raised major issues with testing of children in schools, and “do not want to be responsible for the corona rapid tests in classrooms.”

Issue one is of violation of the protection of patient data – if a child has a positive test, he or she must be isolated immediately, and the whole class will be alerted to that child’s diagnosis. Their second argument is that in-school testing leads to whole class quarantine, while at-home testing could possibly avoid this. At-home testing would also allow children to feel more positive and comfortable starting their school day, and avoid the anxiety of receiving results during a school day. Finally, the teachers said that while they do their job “with pleasure and passion”, they are not medical staff. Teachers should not be called upon to perform medical procedures on children.

I argue that the testing of children is wholly unnecessary and psychologically damaging, and should be ceased immediately. However, the issues raised by these teachers in Bavaria are issues that should be start being raised by teachers in all schools across the UK, so that we can take a first step and cease testing in schools.

Source: (dated 17.03.2021)

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