‘Covid vaccines for children should not get emergency use authorization’

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Emergency use authorization for mass child vaccination presents a different balance of risks and benefits than it did for adults, say Wesley Pegden, Vinay Prasad, and Stefan Baral. May 7, 2021.

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This is an article written by three associate professors (one a practicing hematologist-oncologist, another a physician epidemiologist) saying that ‘Covid vaccines’ for children should not get emergency use authorization. The professors seem to all be in agreement that the “vaccines [are] a triumph of science” which “represent humanity’s path out of this pandemic”, and consider “the benefits of covid-19 vaccination [to be] enormous” – this a contestable position for some, yet nevertheless, while these professionals are comfortable with current experimental trial on adults, they do not approve of it for children.

Their argument is that given children are not at great risk of harm from COVID 19, “the trials cannot demonstrate that the balance of the benefits of vaccination against the potential adverse effects are favourable to the children themselves.” Children are being put at more risk by being injected with ‘COVID 19 vaccines’ than the risk the virus poses. COVID 19 may be considered an emergency for adults, but it is not an emergency for children – and so “a wide rollout of child covid-19 vaccines should follow the standard regulatory process as for most children.”

These are sobering words even for those who strongly approve of the injection roll-out. Adults may choose as they wish – but children should not be administered an experimental injection or be submitted to this clinical trial. There are no grounds on which to justify this.

It is my belief that no child should receive any form of ‘vaccination’ against COVID 19. This is not an ‘anti-vaxxer’ position, but based on the evidence that:

SAR-COV-2 poses little to no risk to children; a healthy immune system, appropriate supplements and general good health is sufficient for the vast majority to fight off a coronavirus; and the overwhelming (while also heavily suppressed) evidence that the Pfizer, Moderna and J&J injections are severely damaging to to the long term health of people, if not outright lethal, and at the very least sufficient information about the injections to enable informed consent is not being provided.

However, keeping children from being submitted to the experimental trial of these injections is a first defence. When the trials are set to end in 2023, we may still have a fight on our hands.

A particularly striking line in the article, which highlights the insanity of this situation:

Trials for covid-19 vaccines are also underway for children as young as 6 months.

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