Mask Mandate Ends For UK Schools on 17th May

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Mandated masks for children in UK schools, both in the classrooms and communal areas, will be ended by the UK government on the 17th of May.

However, government advice still recommends that secondary school pupils should wear masks in classrooms – and many children will abide by this, especially if coerced by fearful teachers and parents. There is a still a fight on our hands to wholly resist face coverings for children. We do not want generations of children growing up in fear, thinking they are at risk of harm if they are not covering their face. Many children have been psychological damaged by this mandate and the healing process may take years.

Given the continual push-pull by the government on coronavirus regulations, and creeping totalitarian tip-toe of mandates and restrictions (as can be seen with the current talks and action over medical passports), we must continue to be vigilant and resist mask mandates for children. With alleged ‘new waves’ of COVID, especially come autumn and winter, a mask mandate for children may be re-introduced. Mandatory face coverings for children must never be re-introduced.

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