Schoolchildren Singing Songs Praising The Injection

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A new musical is available for KS2 leavers (ages 7-11), advertised as “a light hearted yet sensitive and hopeful take… on the last 12 months”. It is titled: “WOW! What A Year!”, and written by Andrew Oxspring & Nick Haworth.

Link to the website: HERE.

Below are photos of some of the lyrics.


These songs further push the lie that the COVID-19 injections are traditional vaccines instead of experimental mRNA gene therapies. They also dispel the idea that these injections could possibly have dangerous side effects (such as death) and misrepresents the entire procedure as “just a little prick”. This is fundamentally dishonest.

See my article on the Gillick Test, where I explain how the state can (and may be planning to) administer the injection to children without their parents’ knowledge or consent, by falsely declaring a children under 16 as having the competence to consent to the procedure themselves.

This kind of production in schools would also count as coercion; children who have taken part in classroom or school-wide theatrical celebrations of the injections cannot possibly then be said to give valid consent to an injection, as a patient is required to be free from manipulation, force or coercion in order to give legal, valid consent.

If this kind of thing is happening in your or your child’s school, it must be exposed. If your children or students are being subjected to this kind of thing, keep a record of it, so that it may be used as part of a defence against any attempts to administer injections – and as damning evidence against those who have already illegally injected children. 

Shareable content on this subject – a video by Hugo Talks:

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