Wales: Petition to ‘Remove all Legislation for Compulsory Sex Education (RSE)’

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A petition by Public Child Protection Wales to stop compulsory ‘Relationships and Sexuality Education’ classes in Welsh schools.



RSE Mandates sex education from age 3 with no parental opt out. This sex education is part of a global roll out which undoubtedly sexualises children and most important it fails to safeguard. 

“RSE Mandates sex education from age 3 with no parental opt out. This sex education is part of a global roll out which undoubtedly sexualises children and most important it fails to safeguard. We have seen what this education looks like by observing it rolling out across the world. Bondage in Kindergarten in California and Canada. Sexual stimulation 241 schools in England. Porn, bondage, anal sex, facial ejaculation and threesomes included in the Scottish Curriculum. This is a slippery slope.

Up to date evidence and Government correspondence published on our website:

In 2014 the Welsh government launched a campaign “Education begins at home”. In 2020 they legislate to take away parental rights, choice & say over Primary & Comprehensive Sex Education. Refusal to partake in these lessons will result in the parent breaching their child’s sexual rights (see WHO & UN).

From page 174 is the study in England & the reference to the UK agreeing to take part (2017)

This is the document they signed up to (2010). Please read this slowly; pay close attention to the titles and subtitles, information fed into a child, skills the child will acquire & attitude the child will develop from that information & skills.

From this document we see books on bondage on kindergarten shelves in California 2014, it took a year of campaigning to remove that, the legislation for sex ed was then introduced in 2019.

Poor countries rejected this, they were threatened to get their funding cut.

Moving forward to 2018 we have the revised version (please see statement 1.3 in this document, it explains it is a revised version of that disgustingly dangerous, non-evidence-based document). Here we have a rights-based approach starting from age 5 instead of birth, it sounds great but pleasure, consent, bodily rights & sexual rights for a child is definitely a huge no from us. Sexual rights? from birth? you heard such nonsense?

This document also tells you it is part of the 2030 global agenda.

Sexual Rights

Sexual stimulation in 241 schools in England. The United Nations removed the “sexual stimulation” overnight. This is one of the reasons we CANNOT accept policy changes, it needs removing from the bill.

What does this have to do with Wales? we are devolved….  Page 4 of the RSE draft clearly states refer to UNESCO the global roll out. This is NOT acceptable!!

Chair of Children’s & Young person’s education Committee. Denied no parental opt out then we found this.
She’s called us liars, she has blocked us, had our video’s removed from You Tube, Called us abusive, denied this exists, then back tracked and said “it has not been planned yet”. We have all screenshots of her lies & abuse.]-R&c[0]=AT3vkjtEDv3c0FKbOsx2cZf3lZtSnRzO2w8DzsW0nYWG9fsV0ko7IZfrttBihP-o4hAH9awz7fo-xBmcZBmr_65M6DNbe6Yoxl3ODRxt9N_MELCz1HoyontJTyeYmn_o9MVqiRDYKAjV4HtQINTUVUIawPYXVRiyDrox5Yc7U8e4o95UHTboNP_aN7h9-tWQQQ9hGwtl

.ASDA Sex ed Home school.

Safe Schools Alliance.

 Worldwide Campaigns.



**Please Note**
We can argue the entire contents of these documents with credible evidence. The evidence supporting these documents are not scientifically based. I can discuss the inaccuracy & manipulation of these “evidence based” documents. They are nonsense.

The more you look, the deeper it goes. You can get lost in it; it is a minefield.

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