We have a lot of kids from impoverished areas who don't have a lot at home. During lockdown, one child in Year 3 had one phone to share between him and 5 of his siblings to do schoolwork. The damage to people's lives caused by lockdowns far outweighs the lives supposedly saved by them. It's not right. I emailed my union about this, and heard nothing from them.
Anonymous (Jan 2021)
Primary teacher, UK
I informed my headteacher that I would not be getting the vaccine. He didn't give me any response. Instead, he publicly celebrated and congratulated the staff members who chose to take the vaccine, calling them responsible. I was shunned by the rest of the staff after that. I couldn't take it anymore, and quit.
Anonymous (May 2021)
Former SEND teacher, UK
I work with students with disabilities such as autism and communications issues. They need to be able to see people's faces, watch their expressions and read people's lips. They need social interaction. Masks and social distancing mandates are traumatising these children.
Anonymous (May 2021)
SEND staff, UK
During my PGCE, I was appalled by the systems in multiple schools that I knew of and worked in. Schools were run like military camps, and exam results and attendance were the only thing these institutions cared about. I didn't feel like properly educating and caring for children was a real concern. Now that children are being actively abused by mask mandates and social distancing, and being fed propaganda for medical experimentation, I don't feel like I could ever go on to do my NQT year in a state school. I believe I would be forced into silence and forced to be complicit in government-mandated child abuse. This isn't why I trained to be a teacher.
Anonymous (February 2021)
PGCE graduate, UK
I have worked in two dozen schools as a supply TA, where I was 1 to 1 with several children with autism. They were rarely disciplined for misbehaviour, as the staff were hesitant and uncaring, which meant these children were frequently in danger of causing themselves physical injury. I once rescued a small child who had been allowed to scale a 7-foot wall, and made it clear to him that he was not allowed to do so again – for this, I was called into the head’s office and disciplined for “violating the ‘no-touch’ policy”. I retorted that they had a “dead-child policy” and was sacked soon after. It’s clear to me that the vast majority of people in state education are willing to put children in danger for their own selfish far-left pretensions. I wouldn’t give my child to a state school in a million years and, in my opinion, neither should anybody else if they care for their children.
Anonymous (June 2021)
Former Teaching Assistant, UK
All we got in my high school for awareness about what is happening with rising suicide rates amongst children was to fill in a mental health online form. Nothing changed in my school at all afterwards. The school counsellor was no help at all. People at my school were harassing and coercing others to commit suicide, but the neither school nor the police did anything. The government and the schools need to be done for what they’re doing to the younger generations. Increased mental health issues in children. CHILDREN. They’re still experiencing the world, and children should be able to live their lives how they’re meant to - a child’s life, especially, should be one of the happiest experiences ever. These statistics are shocking. Even if it’s 10 extra CHILDREN who commit suicide during the pandemic, it’s disgusting - teenagers should not be having those thoughts or urges, let alone children. I’m curious to see what mental health organisations, schools, and the government plan on doing about this, if anything.
Anonymous (July 2021)
Teenager (UK)

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